Simon Budig wrote:

The offending command in this error message is gimp-channel-ops-offset,
which has been renamed to gimp-drawable-offset in GIMP 2.0. Looking at
that error also gives the hint, that there is something wrong with the
font specification, since GIMP 2.0 no longer relies on the weird -*-...
X11 Logical Font Descriptor but uses Fontconfig Font specifications like
"Tekton 24".

Very timely. I got perl-gimp working on my machine yesterday, and tried almost immediately. It failed due to the


problem mentioned yesterday. I changed that to

gimp_edit_fill($layer1, BACKGROUND_FILL);

and then it failed due to the

gimp_channel_ops_offset($layer1, 1, 0, -($diameter / 2), -($diameter / 2));

I changed this to

gimp_drawable_offset($layer1, 1, 0, -($diameter / 2 ), -($diameter / 2 ));

The script could still use a little tweaking, I think, since I can see some subtle problems I think I could fix, but it is now working.


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