I want to import some brushes from photoshop. What is the easiest way
for to do this?
(I have painted the brush with black color on the default white. I have
saved as png format, open with gimp, and tried to save as .gbr. But when
I load as a brush it does not work similary as in photoshop. That mean
is it blurry, and with the pencil tool is it completly black)

My opinion is, that the current set of brushes is not enough. And have
certain brushes thats are funny, but unusable(apple for example).
So we need some really good brushes to include with the future gimp
releases. If I see correctly the current set of brushes are not touched
since gimp1.2 ....

Other question: As I see at the current list, the highest priority is
the colorspace  and the better support for professional use; with that
Im accept perfectly. 
But for lower priority it would be good to import such photoshops and
coreldraws feature. I mean (if it possible) do some ,,reverse engineer''
on photoshop's tools. I dont mean really RE, but apply the wanted tool
on a specific image(ex: a black square on a white background), and see
whats the result. Is it possible to do this? I have a ps7, so I can help
with using photoshop(I use in winE). 

Or is it a perfectly bad idea and gimp not need any new tool/feature?


ps: sorry for my ugly english

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