Sven wanted me to work on a new set of brushes

>From Photoshop:
I have saved all the brush, but in Photoshop7 the brush cannot be edited
(I can only delete, rename and create a new, but cant edite).
  The other problem, that in ps isnt the same all the cast of brush.
So I have made many click, and selected the nicest shape ...
  I will post all the .abr(photoshop brushes), and all the .png at the
web. And the converted too(.gbr)
  I will make a proposition what brush should we keep and which should
be delete(pepper, sparks, vine, the gimp, etc).
  I have egally looked at the link what Sven have mentioned. I will
include them too.
  I looked for freely downloadable brushes on the net (only GPL) and
indeed found some. 

Let me know if somebody know where can I find other brushes too.



The new collection of brush will consist at least 100-150 brushes. But
only 10-15 different type of brushes.(so star, sparring, galaxy, round,
etc, etc)

So it would be good to group the different size of brush to one icon.
(ex: If somebody select the Chalk icon, also select egally the size from
another table/popUp).

The idea of treshold for the pencil tool would be good too.(Sven's idea)

Moreover, there are vector based brushes in PS (called Custom Shaped
Tool). I think it can be easily achieved by further development of the
current path tool.

I mean it would be nice to save a created path as ''path-brush''. And it
could be selected just like the current brush dialog. In this case Gfig
plugin would became superflous.;)

Do you have any feedback?


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