Hi! I'm trying to make an elliptical border around part of an image, sort of like a picture frame. I use the "Select Elliptical Regions" tool to select my region. Then I choose the color I want for the selection and I choose a 5x5 solid circle brush to use for the stroke of the selection. Then I right-click on the image and click "Edit... Stroke Selection" and my "frame" appears around the image. Cool.

I noticed there are some jagged edges along parts of the "frame" and I would like to know if there's a way they can be eliminated.

Here is a screenshot illustrating what I've got thus far:


The top and bottom of the frame look great but the sides have the jagged edges. Is there any way I can eliminate the jagged edges?

Once I have the frame, my plan is to add a bevel to it to give it more of a "real" frame look. :) Here is a sample of the above image with a 5-thickness setting Script-Fu bevel:


*I've found the higher the bevel thickness, the more pronounced the jagged edges are. :(

I'm using Gimp 2.0 on Linux.

Thanks in advance!


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