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Hi!  I'm trying to make an elliptical border around part of an image,
sort of like a picture frame.  I use the "Select Elliptical Regions"
tool to select my region.  Then I choose the color I want for the
selection and I choose a 5x5 solid circle brush to use for the stroke
of the selection.  Then I right-click on the image and click
"Edit... Stroke Selection" and my "frame" appears around the
image. Cool.

I noticed there are some jagged edges along parts of the "frame" and I
would like to know if there's a way they can be eliminated.

Don't use the paintbrush to stroke the selection, but use the Stroke
options in the upper part of the Stroke dialog.

Well, unfortunately this doesn't help much. The better way to fix this is to convert the selection boundary to a path and stroke the path.

I tried hacking the boundary stroking to get a better stroking, but
my experiments turned out to lead to unexpected results. A discussion of
this is in bug #50730.


Thanks for the tip! Converting the selection to a path seems be working much better for me! :)


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