"J.W.J. Geenen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The Gimp expect a three mouse button with the buttons left, middle and
> right.
> MacGimp emulates these buttons on an one button mac mouse as follows:
> left button   = mouse click
> middle button = command key + click
> right button = option key + click
> So far so good, but there is a problem
> Problem
> A command should be unique. In the case that you work with masks the
> command option + click should generate a green border but in MacGimp
> this combination is reserved for the emulation of the right
> button. You will never get a green border.

Can you please file a bug-report for this problem? We should add an
alternative way to get access to this feature. Should probably be an
item in the layer's right-click menu.

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