David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Use the rotate tool (part of the transform tool in 1.2.x) and set
> your rotation to 20 degrees. In the tool options make sure that
> "Clip result" is unchecked (which it is by default) and you will
> get a new, rotated layer with the extra bits being filled by
> transparency.
> However, the image doesn't get resized, only the active layer (or
> selection, or path). To resize the image you must use the crop
> tool in resize mode, or "Image->Canvas size".

Actually, we should probably add a way to rotate the whole image by
arbitrary angle and have it expand just like a layer (unless Clip
Result is checked). This could be an option in the Image->Rotate menu
or it could be a new mode of the transform tools (next to Layer,
Selection, Path). Or both.


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