* Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [04-12-04 15:32]:
> Now I am slowly starting to become angry. Why do you spread such
> misinformation? You are on this list for a while now and you should
> know that XSane works with GIMP 2.0 after a few trivial
> modifications. If the XSane maintainer is really unwilling to do a
> release of XSane that works with GIMP 2.0, then it would be just a
> matter of asking me or any other GIMP developer to provide a patch
> for it.

A patch is available @ xsane.org:

His comments:

2004 Mar 21: What about support for gimp-2.0?
I got a patch for xsane to add support for gimp-2.0. It is really large
and I will need some time to look through it and test it with different
gimp versions before I apply it to my sourcecode. But here you can
download the xsane-0.92_gimp2.0.patch by Julien Blache. Please give
positive and negative feedback about this patch to me. I am also
interested in experiences with this patch with gimp-1.0.x and gimp-1.2.x

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