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> Actually, I do read it as "XCF is to hackish, and only The GIMP can
> read it. We need to speed-up a new GIMP native format, with a XML
> Header.; Meanwhile use other image formats, please"

Well, yes, but I wrote that in an earlier reply already.

> What about starting work on this for 2.2, even if it is not going to
> completly replace .XCF by the time 2.2 is out? We could have an
> extensible file format that would hold most GIMP image information,
> and still not be the default file format, if that would be so hard
> to achieve.
> I do not recall seeing a new file format in the "2.2" plans Sven
> wrote up a couple of weeks ago.

The plan wasn't a plan but a request for comments.

The new file format we outlined will be strongly dependent on GEGL and
it will require decoders to either use GEGL or to implement
functionality similar to GEGL.  In case you didn't notice, OEyvind
Kolaas is working on this and he already came up with a nice subset of
what could be the final file format.

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