I was asked the other day if I could change the dark brown trim on our house 
including down spouts and eavestroughs but not the roof  as shown in


from dark brown to Montana Tan as shown in


Doors would be Autumn haze.

I thought this would be a great exercise in learning to use The Gimp but I 
have become lost in selection modes, layers, channels and the like reading 
Grokking the Gimp and the regular docs.  I have tried to use google to find 
something appropriate to help me with this, but can't come up with the magic 
search words to get me there.

Could someone point me to some resource that will walk me through this task 
and/or give me a bit of an outline of which tools I should use to get where I 
want to go.

And while you are looking at these images, what do you think of the colour 
choice?  They aren't my choices and I have no idea about these things.

Ken Walker
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