Steve Litt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> While you're waiting for an authoritative answer I'll give you what
> I know.  I'd use the bezier selection tool to select the trim,
> eavesdrops and spouts, but not the roof, trees, etc.

That's a good start. You can then for example use
"Filters->Colors->Map->Colormap Rotation" to shift the hue of brownish
colors to a different color.

> By the way -- I use select by color a lot when I scan yellow
> receipts. I use select by color to turn the yellow to white, then
> save it as grayscale and save mucho megabytes.

The classic method to make the paper on a scan to appear as white is
to use the Levels tool. Use the white-point color picker and click on
an empty spot of the scan. Or, even better, define the white-point
before doing the actual scan. Most scan software (including XSane)
supports this operation.

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