On Mon, Apr 26, 2004 at 03:34:23AM -0500, Benjamin Sher wrote:
> http://www.websher.net/temp/gimp-text1.jpg
> http://www.websher.net/temp/gimp-text2.jpg
> http://www.websher.net/temp/gimp-text3.jpg
it would be better to display your text (at least for us to see) with a
color background a different color than the text.  i can tell from the
tool options that you are showing me black on black.

> By the way, when I tried to save my jpg image, I was told that I should export 
TheGIMP asks that you Image -->Flatten Image (which will prepare it
totally to be a jpeg using the color in the toolbox as jpeg doesnt
handle trasparancy.

For showing graphics to a graphics community like this, it is nice to
index the graphic (after flattening) and save as png (smaller file
format -- almost the same amount of actual information).

TheGIMP will rarely make decisions for you like this, so it might help
to brush up on the different file formats and what you (as a human
being) can do with them.

> it. But where is the "export" option located. I have been unable to find it.
simply pushing the Export Button would have been enough.  however, after
years of graphics experience you might consider learning about the
formats.  TheGIMP has always opened with the layers dialog.  I heard a
rumor that photoshop followed some of TheGIMP's layer dynamics (and in
my opinion could do some catching up).

also, i have a heck of a time getting Photoshop to work for me.  i find
it to be limited and it has this quality of treating me like an idiot.
Good luck making the transition.


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