Dear friends:

I am relatively new to the Gimp, though I do have some experience with 
Photoshop. I know how to do basic image editing and manipulation in 
Photoshop, and I am trying to learn how to do this in the Gimp (1.2 or 2 -- I 
have them both installed on my Xandros Linux system). The first thing I need 
to know right now is how to create or edit a type layer. I've looked in vain 
in Grokking-the-Gimp as well as in the Help files for Gimp for simple, 
step-by-step instructions on how to do this in the Gimp. I have also tried by 
trial and error but have failed. I'm including three screenshots to 
illustrate what I have tried to do.

By the way, when I tried to save my jpg image, I was told that I should export 
it. But where is the "export" option located. I have been unable to find it.

Thank you so much.

Benjamin Sher

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