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Jeffrey Brent McBeth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote the words:

> On Thu, Apr 29, 2004 at 04:07:07PM -0600, Linux GIMP wrote:
> > Hmm, then maybe I'm missing it, but how do I change the font size
> > using the text tool in 2.0?  I found how to change the fonts &
> > colour, but not font size.  Also I would say that the text tool is
> > not near as good when it comes to justifying text.  It only does
> > centered text unlike dynamic text which would do left, centered or
> > right.
> Um, actually, it does all of that.
> Double click on the text tool, or File->Dialogs->Tool Options
> You can select colors, font sizes, fonts, justification, etc from
> there. If you have a text layer selected, you can modify its behaviour
> through this same dialog
> Jeff

Well bloody hell....  Sure enough.  I wasn't looking there.  I guess I
was expecting all the options to be in the pop up box as they were with
dynamic text.  My bad.  Thanks to you and a few others for point out
what I should have found on my own.  

Feeling like an idiot now....

P.S. but I still need that render glow filter.  I hope someone adds that

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