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> Linux GIMP wrote:
> > P.S. but I still need that render glow filter.  I hope someone adds
> > that soon.....
> IIRC, glowa(isn't it Alien Glow?)  was a script-fu which basically 
> did a layer copy, fill with glow color (keeping transparency), and 
> a gaussian blur with radius 100 or so (not keeping transparency) on 
> the big copy, auto-stretch contrast, then raise the original layer 
> above the first...
> Does this look more or less like that plug-in's results? That
> plug-in is in 2.0 in the same menu location (script-fu -> Alpha
> to Logo -> Alien Glow). If it's another plug-in, you have lost me
> :) 
> Ah - just started up 1.2.5 to check, and Filters->Render->Add
> Glow is indeed in there - it's a GIMP Perl script, and I assume,
> although I'm not sure, that it is still in 2.0. gimp-perl can be
> downloaded from CPAN or from ftp.gimp.org (in
> pub/gimp/plug-ins/v2.0/gimp-perl).
> Cheers,
> Dave.

Hmm..  so a question for any Gentoo users out there.  How would one
emerge gimp-perl?  I tried the obvious, emerge -pv gimp-perl and there
is no such thingy.  Also tried emerge -S gimp, nothing about perl found.
Any one know?

Thanks to all

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