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There's a new posting on Slashdot (slashdot.org) about how the GIMP compares
to Photoshop;"The Gimp from the Eyes of a Photoshop User."
Note the loooong comment thread of complaints about GIMP's UI that follows.


I haven't used GIMP on a Mac, but one of the reasons I like GIMP is its maybe
unusual on Windows but *very* appealing to me UI.
While PS & others clutter the screen with absolutely useless bounding
window, menu bar, tool windows that can only be on top of the image,
GIMP has a beautiful flexible UI design (especially when you know about
the TAB key :) ), it's also great for 2 monitor systems.
And GIMP's very low memory consumption while in background is
probably also because it's not MDI.

 I'd regret it if GIMP would ever go MDI without leaving SDI option.
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