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> Hi,
> "Nonexistent Entity" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I read about it in "Grokking the GIMP" AFAIR. This works in GIMP
> > 1.2.5 and 2.0.1 on Win32, but I think it should work on Linux
> > too. It works only when you have an Image Window selected.
> It's also explained in the startup tips:
>   If your screen is too cluttered, you can press <tt>Tab</tt> multiple
>   times in an image window to hide or show the toolbox and other dialogs.
> I strongly suggest reading the "Tips of the Day". There are a lot of
> very important hints in there.

Granted this works but lets face it until the Gimp provides the basic
drawing tools that most users want people will continue to ask.  I dont
accept that Select+Stroke is adequate and neither will anyone that has
used Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop (which is almost everyone).  Also
Adobe Photoshop allows one to easily draw shapes (such as polygons) that
are very difficult to draw using only select+Stroke.

How many more of these articles must be written before the Gimp developers
accept that simple drawing tools are a must for a certain type of user?

If even you just accept that it is necessary and then blame lack of
developer resources that would be a whole lot better than the current user
hostile situtation by which users are blamed for not being "smart enough"
to use the stroke tool.

There is NEVER any excuse to blame the user, if something is difficult
then very likely it needs to be made easier and even if the user is
completely wrong they should politely be directed to the FAQ or relevant
documentation.  There is never any excuse to berate users for not knowing
something especially if there is not good easy to find documentation.

- Alan
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