David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I was just looking for some nice looking screenshots to show off
> on the GUADEC GIMP pages, and the best ones are all on
> developer.gimp.org

The problem with the screenshots on dgo is that they are screenshots
of the 1.3.x development version. Most of them clearly don't look like
2.0. It shouldn't be too difficult to redo these shots with an
uptodate version. I am sure people will happily donate their

> It would be really cool to have lots & lots of screenshots of the
> GIMP on www.gimp.org. Could someone from the web team take
> responsibility for this and publish an e-mail address where
> screenshots can be sent to be included on the site, please?
> In the meantime, I will link to screenshots on dgo.

I'd like to remove the dgo screenshots sooner or later and replace
them with screenshots of the CVS version. But of course I'll leave
them online until more screenshots are available from www.gimp.org.

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