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> Let me first give kudos to the developers of the new Gimp!  I had been 
> keeping up with it during the 1.3 process somewhat, but not being a 
> regular user of Gimp, waited to see the final 2.0 release until my 
> Linux distro released their new version which included it.  You guys 
> have been busy!  Wonderful changes, outstanding work on an already 
> great program!  My sincere admiration for all your hard work.  :o)
> Now a question for you.  A local user is trying to load up some camera 
> pictures into Gimp, but Gimp doesn't seem to like all the pictures.  Of 
> 26 photos contained on her memory card, only eight will open and if she 
> trys to resave them to her hard drive from Gimp, she gets this error:
>    Saving '/home/helen/Family/EmilyChloe.jpg' failed:
>    Plug-In could not save image

Known (SuSE) problem:


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