On Tue, Jul 20, 2004 at 06:07:52PM -0500, Chris Dunning wrote:
> I'm new to the GIMP and this list, so please forgive me if I ask old 
> questions.  I did actually search the archives before posting.  :)
> I need to make a whole bunch of buttons for a website.  I could do them 
> all manually, one by one, but it seems like there should be a faster 
> way.  I would like to create a background for the buttons, then overlay 
> text on them.  I could specify the text in a text file I suppose, or I 
> could create the text images in a directory and the background image 
> elsewhere (I do the same thing for many different websites)....I'm open 
> to suggestions.  Can anyone help?

while in the development branch of TheGIMP, the gimp-console is recently
working, i have no idea how to use this to make big "batches" of images.

the way that has always worked is to write a script for the gimp.  if
you are on windows, you will be limited to using script-fu.  if you are
using linux you also have perl or python to choose from.

the gimp parts of the scripts are fairly easy.  the same buttons or menu
entries you use can be found via your script of choice's console; check
in the toolbox under Xtns and then the script type for "Console" (for
example <Toolbox>/Xtns/Script-Fu/Console).  The scripting consoles all
have a button called "Browser".  With that you can search for the call
(gimp event) that you need and hit "Ok" and the properly syntaxed call
will appear in the console.  the difficult part of this method is the
other stuff -- the script parts.  the looping and the reading of text
files (as you mentioned).  there is plenty of online help for script-fu,
perl and python online.  helpful urls can be found on www.gimp.org as
well as some examples and tutorials.

i have been using python to make gallery pages with the gimp who happily
resizes and comments my photo images.  my only problem is with the
pop-up progressbar for each and every image that gets saved.  i think
the gimp developers leave this there because they dont have faith in
their scripts and need this constant reminder that everything is
working.  hopefully they get over this soon and fix that.

if you should choose to write a script that makes a bunch of buttons for
your web pages, the gimp-developers list is a good place to ask
scripting questions.  


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