Chris Dunning <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I need to make a whole bunch of buttons for a website.  I could do
> them all manually, one by one, but it seems like there should be a
> faster way.  I would like to create a background for the buttons, then
> overlay text on them.  I could specify the text in a text file I
> suppose, or I could create the text images in a directory and the
> background image elsewhere (I do the same thing for many different
> websites)....I'm open to suggestions.  Can anyone help?

You can write a script that reads a text file describing the buttons
you need and what background images to use for them. This script can
then let GIMP do all the work for you. Shouldn't be too difficult;
just choose the programming language you like most. You can choose
from SIOD (a scheme dialect used by Script-Fu), Perl and Python.

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