Michael Schumacher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > while in the development branch of TheGIMP, the gimp-console is recently
> > working, i have no idea how to use this to make big "batches" of images.
> AFAIK, gimp-console is just another way of gimp -i
> It doesn't need gtk+, but this won't make any real difference, as all
> plug-ins still do.

That's right. gimp-console is basically only of interest for us
hackers since it shows that we managed to separate the GUI code from
the GIMP core. It might also be useful if you want to run a dedicated
GIMP server (like for example flamingtext.com). It doesn't behave in
any way different than 'gimp -i' or 'gimp --no-interface'.

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