Steve Crane wrote:

> I am adapting a workflow from a Photoshop action and there is one step
> that does haze removal with USM using radius 60, amount 0.30 and
> threshold 1, that is extremely slow.  I just timed it on a 94.4MB 4048x3040
> photograph and it took 3 minutes, 50 seconds.

That sounds about right, given the size of your image and the radius
you're using.  Unsharp Mask is a pretty compute-intensive algorithm.
Switching to a new version of Gimp won't help -- this plug-in hasn't
changed its algorithm in quite some time.  Does Photoshop do it a lot
faster with the same parameters?  If so, it would be interesting to look
at the Gimp code for things that could be speeded up.

  -- Bill


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