On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 12:34:22PM -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Your attempt at demonizing me is a bit weak.
i do not need to do this.  i have google and your coorespondence with me
only.  if this is happening, it was not my goal.  my goal is to make
sure that people attending a developer conference receive information
that can be used in developer situations.

> I lead an effort of 25 paid developers that produce nothing but open
> source/free software code as well as steering the 300 volunteers that
> work on a daily basis on the Mono project.
yes.  Ximian is some of the finest and coolest of the gnome developers.
i am a huge fan.  that is why i voluntarily helped push Ximian rpms back
when they had them and that was the direction the company was taking.

i wear that teeshirt with pride and keep rupert on my computer.

thank you for the beautiful icons that jimmac drew for this new gimp as
well.  the beauty of my web site is found in my screenshots and jimmacs

i also thank you for boldly putting yourself in line for a lawsuit.  it
takes a brave man or bunch of men to do this so boldly.

> > i guess it is time to decide what behavior we are to expect from the
> > corporate funded developers and the funded by the people developers.
> It is not about `male' vs `female', its about you harassing me over
> something I had nothing to do with in the less possible constructive
> way. 
when i took the answer i got from luis to my developers, they were
offended and refused to work with it.

when i look for luis (you provided email lately, i looked right after i
barely managed to correct my homeless situation right after guadec) i
was told he was not available.  in the real world, you go to the boss.
this is you?  you are the boss at Ximian?  or who is responsible for
luis.  i was told by owen that federico made the changes and that i
should talk to luis who was federicos supervisor.  i did that.  when i
went back for a better "communication" about this issue i was told that
luis was gone.  now i ask you who was in charge of luis.  perhaps i am
wrong and that is not you.

> You want your file selector fixed, and by attacking me, you are not
> going to get anything done.  Contribute, engage, discuss with those
> responsible for the changes (Gimp maintainers, Gtk+ maintainers).
i actually am treating you with more respect than i received from the
gimp developers when i was given this explanation by luis.

> I have explained this time and again, and you keep trying to make this
> into a corporate vs the free world issue, which it is not (or your more
> laughable attempt at making this an issue of sexual discrimination).
i dont want it to be.  i would like for the answer that luis gave me at
guadec to have been received better by the developers i am working with.
perhaps you can explain to them what is good about a decision that was
made for one persons mother then so we can end this.

thank you for the time you spend now with it also.


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