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> And it is, when it boils down to it, a cop out fluff answer. Which is
> Carol's point, that it was a non-answer, and that she expected a better
> answer, more from a technical perspective.

Sure. We all understood this already. It doesn't change the point
though that whatever answer was given to whatever GIMP developer about
the rationales of the design of the new file chooser widget is not a
question that is interesting to our users, nor do any of the GIMP
developers really care. It may be an interesting question for Carol
but she got to live with whatever answer she has been given and stop
harassing everyone for it.

Actually I doubt that anyone but Carol is actually surprised about the
answer. This topic has been discussed so many times that of course
anyone involved has by now made up an answer that is tries to stop the
discussion from coming up again. Basically there isn't much that has
not yet been said about the new widget. What needs to be done now is
to improve it. Of course in order to improve it, you first need to
understand the reasons behind the design choices that have been
made. There is however plenty of answers on this subject in various
mailing list archives and web-pages (such as this one:

The new file-chooser gives plenty of room for improvements and I am
the first one to vote for the addition of a filename entry to it. The
way that Carol "discusses" this topic is however a guaranteed way to
drive away each and every developer who might be capable of doing such
a change.

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