Alexander Rabtchevich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Sven, is it possible (in theory) to have several dialog types in
> GIMP at the same time? OpenOffice under Windows allow using native
> system openfile dialog or its own style dialog. A user can chhose it
> in the preferences.

Almost everything is (in theory) possible. The question is if it is
feasible and the answer is no. We decorate the file chooser dialog
quite a bit and that would not be possible (or rather not feasible) if
it wasn't a well-defined dialog with a well-defined API. We don't have
the resources to maintain a number of different file dialogs in GIMP
(and all it's plug-ins).

There are also a couple of features in the new file chooser that
simply are not available in the old widget. We will for example want
to introduce a virtual filesystem layer in future versions of GIMP.
That would allow people to work directly with files on remote
filesystems that are accessible over ssh, webdav, ftp, ... This has
been requested every so often.

The new filechooser supports this kind of stuff by means of the
pluggable GtkFileSystem interface. We just need to extend GIMP and its
file plug-ins so that they access files by means of a virtual
filesystem layer. This could then be implemented for example using
gnome-vfs but of course we would want to allow other implementations
as well. All this won't work with the old file selection and it shows
that your proposal is not feasible.

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