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> Hallo again,

I send this mail back to the list (maybe my reply-to is not correct... you replied directly to me, not to the list).

> or> Michael Wagner wrote:
> >> The button should have a total height of 16 pixels and so
> >> I start with an empty
> >> image of that height. Every time I use the text tool
> >> the resulting text looks really ugly.
> >> I already have a running web page where the navigation bar is
> >> created of text links
> >> (only using the <A> tag) and the fonts rendered there are
> >> looking much better (using the same height of course)
> >> How can I create good readable font buttons?
> or> Hello Michael,
> or> Do you mean that the font looks "jaggy", "pixelised", blocky,
> or> not smooth? Or do you find the text too blurred?
> The text is mainly pixelized or blocky
> or> Do you mean the result is ugly in gimp, or nice in gimp
> or> and ugly in the browser?
> In both. The view in gimp seems to be exactly like in browsers (IE
> and Netscape). I have used jpg as file format to avaid the png
> problems
> or> There may be several reasons in this:
> or> 1- the font: choose a vectorial font, not a fixed/bitmap one
> I am already trying with several True Type fonts (which are
> vectorised as I understand).

Yep, these fonts should be perfect. But indeed, 16 pixels is a little troublesome to have nice text: I have tried with Nimbus and Vera, and the result is not satisfying...

> or> 2- antialiasing: in the text tool options (double click
> or> on the text tool if you do not already have this dialog
> or> in your windows), check that the  "antialiasing" option
> or> is selected. Play also with the "hinting" option.
> I already have done this: Depending on the used font the result
>  gets a little better but is still far away from beeing good.

Could you put a screenshot somewhere. I guess that since you are talking about a web site, you have one somewhere ;) So we can see what you call "better".
> What still bothers me is: Why do I have a different result when I use
> the same font and settings as in the web page as text?
> Thanks
> Michael

A not very elegant way is to work on bigger text images (32 or 64 pixels) and rescale them to what you want (scaling with the cubic interpolation).

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