* and then Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris declared....
> > I want to make a seemless tile of about 100px wide buy 80px deep.
> >
> > This is how i create the effect i want to tile
> >
> > PythonFu -> Effects -> add fog
> >
> > How can i make the left and right hand edges so that the image will
> > tile nicely (horizontall) accross the screen?
> I'd suggest that you would offset the layer by x/2 and y/2 
> (layer->transforms->offset), and retouch the "seans" that now will be 
> in the middle of your image by hand using the clonetool, until it 
> becomes "seamless". 

Right, thanks. I've worked out how to offset (only need the x offset)
but the clone tool has a cirle with a line through it? - looks like it
wont work for some reason? 

Thanks again.
Nick W
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