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olivier ripoll <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I had not noticed this before, but when I compare gimp 2.0 and 2.2
preferences, it seems I can't find anymore the following two options:
"enable tearoff menus" checkbox and "open recent menu size". They used
to be in the "interface" category, in a "menus" box.

We removed these options since we found them not to be important
enough to clutter the already very overloaded preference dialog. This
change has been announced on the mailing list and we gave people time
to complain.

May I suggest that it could be added to the 2.2 final Changelog ? Most of the users are not subscribed to the list, and I suspect that the tearoff menus preference is quite user-specific (I mean I do think many users have it on, and also many have it off). By the way, this preference was not "migrated" from my 2.0 profile when I first launched gimp 2.2, although I chose to migrate those setting in the "first use wizard" (I don't know its real name).

How can I access these preferences now? Do I have to go in the text
config files?

Yes. See the gimprc manpage for details.



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