Laszlo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have just two additional remark for the 2.2pre1
> The new crop tool is just good, but there is some refresh problem.
> Especially if I shrink my crop-area, there is some pixel-trash. For
> precise work is really annoying.  Is it a know issue? If i was not
> clear I can submit a screenshot from it.

Known issue, fixed in CVS.

> I have a .tiff image that theGimp don't handle good.
> So theGimp load the file, but display as blank.  I thinked the .tiff
> contain just an empty layer.  Then I have successfully opened this
> .tiff file with photoshop 7.0.  Can it be fixed? (is there somebody
> correspondant the .tiff file open plugin?)  Should I make disponible
> the .tiff image on the web? (1.8MB)

It would help if you searched Bugzilla for it and, unless the same
problem has been reported before, opened a bug report for it. The TIFF
format is rather complex and GIMP doesn't support all features of
it. There are also quite a bunch of application-specific extensions
which can be considered proprietary. If your image is using those,
there is little chance that you will be able to open it in anything
else but the application that created it.


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