First of all, thank you to Carol for being so helpful on this issue.  I praise your willingness to help people out, and go beyond the call of duty in providing useful information.  If you and Sven were not high-ups, you would be banned for being trolls.

This is the best I can do for now since I have a ton of work. 

Scott, I had a bit of trouble compiling plugins on Windows, but I have a method that worked well for RawPhoto.  I have not been able to get gimptool-2.0 to do anything but crash, but this method circumvents gimptool. 

First of all, you'll need a compiler.  Head over to and grab the Cygwin setup.  Run it, and install for all users, and make the default text file type Unix (just for the heck of it).  Choose a fast mirror -- works for me -- and download some packages.  It might take some looking through the list, but you'll need *at least*:

- gcc
- gcc-core
- g++
- binutils
- make
- pkgconfig
- mingw runtime

- gawk

(libs) -- get doc, devel, and runtime just to be safe
- atk
- freetype
- glib
- gtk+
- libiconv
- pango

You might need more, but I think that's all.  If you have a problem, I'll try to figure out what's happening.

You'll also need the same libraries (so we don't depend on Cygwin stuff) from .  Unzip all of these to the same folder, being sure to use folder names so you get a tree of folders and not just one directory filled with random files. 

Second of all, you'll need my makefiles and the like.  Go to and get the latest source file (1.18 currently).  It's a .tar.gz, but Winzip opens those. 

THIS IS THE REALLY ANNOYING automated builds here.  I'm working on it...

Now, you'll need to edit my Makefile.  You can't use Notepad since Notepad doesn't like the Unix-style line breaks, so you can use jEdit, emacs, vi, or Wordpad (as a last resort). 

Change $BASE to wherever you unzipped the libraries to -- c:\libs would be /cygdrive/c/libs . 

Open up Cygwin, and type export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=<base path>/lib/pkgconfig
For example, if you unzipped to c:\libs, type export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/cygdrive/c/libs/lib/pkgconfig

Now, go to the folder in Cygwin, and type make.  The rawphoto plugin should build fine.  If it doesn't, stop here and email the list with whatever error it comes out with.  If you feel comfortable with Cygwin and this kind of thing, feel free to hack on your own.  However, it took me four days to figure this out, so it might take you a while. 

Put the source file for the plugin you want to compile in the same folder as the makefile.  You'll need to change all instances of "rawphoto" to whatever your plugin is called without the .c extension.  For example, if you're compiling randomplugin.c , do a find and replace on rawphoto, changing it to randomplugin.  Get rid of all blackbody.h instances.

Because of a stupid thing about the build system that I can't figure out, you'll either need to put export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=<base path>/lib/pkgconfig in your .bashrc or type it every time Cygwin starts up.  Anyway, try building your plugin at this point.  You should come out with a nice .exe as a reward for all that hassle.  Put that .exe in <gimp base path>/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins

I haven't tried building the GIMP on a Windows system, so I'm not sure what to say about that.  I hope this helps with the plugins, even though it's a bit of a mess and not at all elegant.


Scott Binns wrote:
Yes - but what do I need to do to build gimp (and by extension the plugin)?


On Mon, November 15, 2004 3:48 pm, Carol Spears said:
so here is the thing.  since this plug-in uses the tools to build
software that you need to build the gimp with anyways, the only way to
get it is to build your own.

does that make sense?

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