John Culleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I note that the newest version of Gimp will allow for vector layers
> in some way. This is a very positive step. But I haven't heard about
> CMYK color model lately. Since my major use is in preparing
> materials for print this would not be a step but a leap forward. Are
> there plans for anything new on the CMYK front?  Ideally (for
> printers) Gimp would output a postscript or even a pdf file using
> vectors instead of bitmaps and with colors expressed in cmyk
> terms. Is such a capability on the drawing board yet?

There's a plug-in to export CMYK TIFF files. That's been around for
quite a while. I don't know who's feeding you your information but
that person is highly misinformed since there are no vector layers.
If you want postscript or even pdf files using vectors instead of
bitmaps, you are looking at the wrong application. GIMP is an image
manipulation program for editing raster graphics. If you want to edit
vectors, please use a vector editing application.

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