John Culleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> OK the instructions say run ./configure and ./configure fails
> because it can't find a file called gimp-2.0 pc. I searched my disks
> (several versions of Gimp laying around) and no such file exists.

gimp-2.0.pc is installed into $prefix/lib/pkgconfig. It's a standard
thing that a lot of software packages use these days. Please consider
to read the pkg-config man-page to learn more about it. The man-page
will also explain you how to use the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment
variable to point pkg-config to .pc files that are not in the default
search path.

> Perhaps I am using the wrong tarball. When you go to the site and
> look for help files all you can find is a directory called "test" or
> "testing" which holds about 5 different versions of help files.  I
> picked out the most recent one, 2.05

Yes, there's no final gimp-help-2 tarball yet. The help authors don't
think their work is ready for general consumption yet.

> The best solution of course would be to have the help files
> integrated with the Gimp package itself. That is the way most
> packages work. Failing that, a help tarball in parallel to the
> current stable version and with explicit instructions on
> installation (i.e. where) would be most helpful.

Sure. As soon as the manual is released by the people writing it, we
will include instructions as how to install it. If you want to make
this happen earlier, consider to join the gimp-help-2 team.

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