Back in gimp-pre2.0 I just tweaked the source and recompiled. Havent' gotten 
around to doing that for gimp2.2. I know it would be better if I made this a 
customizable value (since I choose 100 quality back then), but I'm not a coder 
(only a re-coder).

specifically: ~gimp/plug-ins/common/jpeg.c

/* if you are not compiling this from inside the gimp tree, you have to  */
/* take care yourself if your JPEG library supports progressive mode     */
/* #undef HAVE_PROGRESSIVE_JPEG   if your library doesn't support it     */
/* #define HAVE_PROGRESSIVE_JPEG  if your library knows how to handle it */

/* See bugs #63610 and #61088 for a discussion about the quality settings */
#define DEFAULT_QUALITY     1.0

YMMV, Long Live Open Source!

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