Geoffrey wrote:
Dana Sibera wrote:

It's a problem, but not so much a bug as a limitation of the 'crawling ants' view that shows a selection. Pixels aren't just 'selected' or 'not selected' in that image, there are some pixels which are 10% selected, 20, 50, 80, 100% selected, and so on. The crawling ants outline view of a selection however, doesn't show anything more than a binary representation - presumably with a cutoff of 50%, meaning you only see the dotted outline around pixels that are more than 50% selected, and those under 50% show as unselected, which includes the areas that are showing up as problems in the shins for example.

I had no idea that GIMP could select a portion of a pixel. How is it that it can select a % of the pixel?

You misunderstood. A portion of the "value" (RGBA) of the pixel is selected, not a portion of the pixel geometry. Think of it like a phantom (ghost, whatever you call it): The shape of the human body is totally preserved, but you can see through it.



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