On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 01:27:40AM +0000, Eric Pierce wrote:
> One of the admins at my work purportedly uses Macormedia's Fireworks for
> raster image editing.
> He told me that the default file format is png!  I called him a bold
> faced lier, but he swears up and down that png is the default format.
> I asked him about layers, and he said the pngs that Fireworks saves can
> DO LAYERS.  I haven't seen it firsthand... is there any truth to this!?

Fireworks does use PNG as its internal format, because PNG lets apps
define their own private chunks to store extra data in. See:


It doesn't look like the private chunks are documented, so it's not a
useful cross platform interchange format. It's probably highly Fireworks
specific anyway.

It looks like Fireworks stores a composited version in the standard
image chunk, so you can see a preview in standard png viewers.

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