I would like to speak (write) english with the sufficient level to thank
adequately your effort. "Muchas gracias".

I would try to answer your questions Matt:

>What happens when you create a file on your desktop called whatever.html ?
Does it show an IE or Firefox icon?  

Firefox icon. Now I like this browser.

>When you double click on it, does it open in Firefox?

Firefox again. Gimp open Crimson in any user of the computer.

>What version of Windows are you running?  

XP with last patchs.

>If it's 2000 or XP, what happens when you open My Computer, do Tools >
Folder Options > File types tab, and look for the HTML extension?  What is
the opens with application?  If you click Advanced, what actions are
associated with the HTML file type?

Firefox once time more.

Do you understand now why I'm confused?

Best regards.

Rubn de Diego

Rubn de Diego Martnez wrote:

>Unfortunately I have no time for humor. "Html" files are opened in my 
>computer with Firefox or IE in this order, with and exception: when I 
>push the F1 key in gimp, then files are opened with crimson
>Thanks a lot of
>Rubn, disconcerted, de Diego
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>Hahaha!  Very deadpan humor, well executed.
>Do you know what call the "Open With..." dialog box uses to open files 
>with programs other than the default?  I've been trying to figure that 
>out myself for a separate project.  It would be very useful here -- 
>either open the page with the dreaded Internet Explorer, or look for a
Firefox installation.

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