On Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 07:19:03PM +0100, Andreas Waechter wrote:
> >Can anyone tell me if there is a straightforward way to make a circular
> >path? 
> You could use the "Elliptical Select" Tool (hold Shift down 
> to get a perfect circle).
> Then convert your selection to a path (Rightclick on Image - 
>  Select - To Path)

Yes, but at smaller sizes this results in a bad lumpy circle.
Presumably elliptical-select is drawing a pixellated circle, and then
selection-to-path is approximating that pixellated shape with the path.

The results aren't even symmetric!  Try it with a diameter under 50
pixels, and then stroke the path with a 1-pixel line, and then look
closely-- you can see that it's oddly shaped and asymmetric

To me this demonstrates a need for one of two things:
1. A way to add elliptic arcs to paths
2. A simple way to constrain the bezier curves to very precise
approximations of circular arcs (and/or elliptic arcs).
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