Sven Neumann writes:
> > Naming conflicts in files are another reason I frequently expand
> > the dialog.  I often save successive images to similar names. 
> > For instance, I might have lesson6-step1.jpg, lesson6-step2.jpg,
> > lesson7-step1, etc.  The autocomplete in the dialog will only
> > complete up up to the first conflict, and after that, my choices are:
[ ... ]
> You missed the obvious choice:
> - hit the Tab key to autocomplete (just like in the old dialog)

I might be missing something.  When should I hit the tab key?
For instance, if I have a bunch of existing files called
gimptxt-[0-7].jpg and I want to save this one as gimptxt-8.jpg.
I type gim, and the dropdown pops up.  If I hit tab now, nothing
different happens -- the dropdown disappears for a second then comes
back, and nothing new is added to the filename in the text field.

Sven Neumann writes:
> A list of last-used directories would probably help to solve your
> problem. Did you suggest this as an enhancement request for GTK+ yet?

I haven't, because it would still be an awkward solution.  I'd have
to do the same thing I described for similar filenames: select a
last-used directory with a similar name, hit return, then edit the
name to get the name of the new directory.  And if the list was in
most-recently-used order, which would make sense from a design
standpoint, that would actually make it more difficult for my most
common usage: I'd probably have a last-used list that was out of
order (lesson9, then lesson8, then lesson10, then lesson6) which
would be awkward to read and navigate.

If you added a last-used list, I'd probably use it sometimes; but
most of the time I'd probably just end up typing the whole filename
rather than switching to the mouse to choose the directory, then back
to the keyboard to edit the directory and finish typing the filename.

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