disclaimer : I am just a gimp user, so every technical assertion below is probably wrong ;). Please take with a grain of salt.

Jonathan D Gibbons wrote:
I was actally not suggesting that the primary developers should take up their time making the Gimp look shiny; just that it be made possible / documented on how to manipulate the arrangement and appearance of the UI with external files, and a dialog to facilitate switching between arrangements (Or, for starters, a command-line option or some such).

I think this is just a question of time/resources. The possibility to change the gimp menus is quite new (since version 2.2). It took much time to restructure the old code in order to have this possibility. IIRC, glade introduced the xml-interface several years ago but it had to propagate through gtk first before being usable in gimp (without adding dependencies on libglade). Now it is possible, but not documented (I searched the wiki and devel.gimp.org and found nothing). Probably it will be documented if the need for it outweights the hassle to do it.

Then, it is true that the developers do not find this "interface skinning" desirable (it breaks documentation badly). The xml menus were first considered as a developer-only feature to simplify their work. Some people found it a new application, which is fine too.



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