> >>> You can specify inthe preferences that the toolbox must be "on top".
> >>> This way, you always have it available...

> >> Try as I might, I cannot find this option!
> >
> > Preferences->Window Management->Hint for the toolbox->keep above
> I'm not entirely sure what this achieves but I didn't notice any
> difference in window behaviour. Maybe it's because I'm running the
> windows port?

In a nutshell, yes.  That feature is not yet available in the windows port
(or at least it wasn't last time I checked).

There are some utilities availalbe for windows which allow you to forcibly
add support for always on top to all your applications but that is a bit
messy.  If you search the gimpwin-users list at Yahoo groups you will
probably find past suggestions about how to compensate for the crappy
Window Management on Windows.

- Alan
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