On Mon, 18 Apr 2005, Barton Bosch wrote:
> I've been meaning to take another shot at learning how to compile 
> the gimp from source for a while now.  I'm running FC2 which has 
> rpms available for almost all of the requirements and optional 
> packages.  Unfortunately the atk rpm is version 1.6.0 
> (www.gimp.org/source lists 1.6.1 as required) and the fontconfig rpm 
> is 2.2.1-10 (2.2.2 required).
> Seeing how these are quite close and as you mentioned the parallel 
> /opt configure method, I went ahead and ./configure, make and make 
> installed.  Gimp 2.2.6 did compile without error messages but didn't 
> function properly.  After opening a few jpgs and cropping them, it 
> saved the first immediately without opening the jpg options dialog, 
> and on the second and subsequent attempts to save jpgs it hung 
> (though it did respond to the close button as opposed to requiring a 
> killall -HUP gimp).

> So, two main questions: 1) is there a way to compile atk and 
> fontconfig in parallel to the already installed rpms (as the gimp 
> 2.2.6 was) and then pass a configure option or edit a script to have 
> gimp use the new versions?;  and, 2) when it became necessary to 
> uninstall the faulty 2.2.6 I found that make clean from the source 
> directory tried to erase files from /usr/local/ rather than /opt 
> where gimp 2.2.6 was actually installed  -- is there a way to pass 
> an option to make clean to tell it to remove the gimp from /opt? 
> Are /opt and /home/.gimp-2.2 the only directories (besides the 
> untarred source directory) that need to be manually deleted?

If there is nothing else in /opt then you can do an rm -rf /opt/*

If there is someelse there the have a look in 
bin/  etc/  include/   lib/  man/   share/

and just rm -rf anything prefixed gimp-2.2

There will/should also be  files called gimp-2.0.pc 
gimpui-2.0.pc and gimpthumb-2.0.pc You better find out where these are as
if you had two Gimps installed you might be in big trouble as where your
gimp-2.2.6 was looking for things.

Does your other Gimp work OK?

Have a look there and see if you can psyche out the gimp-2.0.pc matter and
search paths. Look back in these archives I think for where you should set

What I think might be happening is that your are using the /opt/bin/gimp
binary but loading the libraries from your other installation


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