I just have to reiterate... these brushes and patterns are second to none! Have you considered what kind of license to attach to your work? If possible, it would be wonderful if a majority of these were added to the default Gimp install (devs, listening?).

Everyone else, please try out the plethora of animated brushes Rene has created and tell me if your jaw doesn't drop. Ditto for the patterns.

I think several (not all) of the current default brushes and patterns could go away, and Rene's work added. Rene's are all much higher quality (resolution and [subjectively] visually).

Eric P.

Rene Jensen wrote:
Howdy folks, and thanks for a great program.

I don't know where you keep you link section for external resources, but
if you want to add my brushes and patterns, feel free to do so. All is
free and homemade so no strings attached. I use most of it for game
graphics, and it works sweet. One do have to figure out how to use them
first, though :)

I add to the collection every now and then.

Examples of use:

Have fun and keep coding, it makes the world happy..

Rene Jensen

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