On 5/4/05, j Mak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I also use both  Photoshop and Gimp and agree that
> Potoshop is more user friendly.

Interesting.  I started using Photoshop in 2000.  In 02 I was
introduced to the gimp.   I was so happy to finally find graphics
software that was finally userfriendly.  It has gotten to the point
now where I hardly ever fireup Photoshop.

> The lack of a main window in Gimp seems to be a major
> irritation for new users. That you see all the icons
> and open windows behind your canvas could be annoying.
> I've never understood myself why developers haven't
> designed a main window for Gimp yet. 

I don't see why it would need one.  The main window in Photoshop just
is an annoyance.

> As far as I know
> Gimp is the only app that uses this non-standard
> interface. 

So where is this standard interface defined?  

> Are you aware that Gimpshop, now uses
> Photoshop-like menu structure?

That's the point of Gimpshop to be more like Photoshop.  Sort of a
halfway between the Gimp and Photoshop.  There is no reason for the
Gimp to change its very logical menu structure.

> > In terms of editing, layers, and effects... nothing
> > beats Photoshop.
> I agree.

What exactly do y'all like better.  Both have seemed comparable in
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