The GIMP is not for profit. I don't contribute to fill someone's wallet. I don't mind people selling GIMP logo stuff independently, but advertizing for for-profit entities is definitely out-of-scope. Furthermore, there are many other issues. For example, it's not appropriate for us to favor one company over others, and "every page"
is excessive and ambiguous, etc....

This kind of attitude pisses me off.

First: no-one is currently making wilber stuff. There is no place anyone can buy a gimp t-shirt, even if they want to.

Second: Even if they do find a GIMP shirt, nothing goes to the gimp, so people buying those shirts really are lining other people's wallets. What's being proposed is that the GIMP give referrals to a /good/ company (people seem to be missing this point), and we get 25% of the sale.

Think of it this way - at $15 for a t-shirt, you're giving almost $4 fto the GIMP. Which means that sourcewear aren't really lining their pockets much at all - you're getting a shirt that costs them $6 or $7 to produce for $11.

Third: currently we have *nothing* - no companies have requested that their links be added to the site for merchandise, and only Federico has asked in the last 3 years, to my knowledge, for permission to use wilber on shirts. Where does the idea that "it's not right to favour one company over others" come from? Do you think the Mozilla foundation has pangs of conscience because they franchised mozillastore?

Fourth: I don't see this as advertising (leaving aside the logo on the arm for a second) - there will be a link "Buy GIMP stuff (and help the GIMP)" on a sidebar. sourcewear.com doesn't have to appear on the page. The link brings you to sourcewear, sure, but we're not hawking them, they're providing a service to us, we're providing a service to them, and we're all getting something out of it.

So here's the thing: we need to come to a decision out of this. We suck at that.

So far, I have (at a rough count) a half-OK from Sven (with concerns), and a big no from nomis and yourself. Others have tried to propose some improvements or modifications.

I will try to think how we can come out of this with a decision other than "do nothing". I advise others to do so as well. Unanimity is not possible.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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