Sven Neumann wrote:
Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
For their part, they would like to continue having their logo on the
arm (which I'm OK with)

The logo on the arm is definitely what keeps me (and probably others)
from buying this stuff. I wouldn't dare to leave home wearing one of
these shirts. It also gives me a very bad feeling about this
merchandising arrangement.

This seems to be a common point and I'll discuss this with Federico.

I don't think a prominent place on the front page is appropriate.
Integrating it into the sidebar might be.

At least announcing its existence when we add the link to the sidebar might be nice.

What exactly does this arrangement involve? We can hardly decide
anything w/o knowing what we are talking about. Does it mean that
sourcewear will be the only official merchandiser?

It would be a non-exclusive agreement to produce wilber goods, with an agent identified for the GIMP project who would have control over product quality and designs. Exact details need to be worked out. And I'm not going to spend time doing that if the idea is not workable in principle.

The only exclusive part would be that the link "Buy GIMP stuff" on gimp.org would go to wilber merchandise on sourcewear.com. They're getting placement - people who want to buy gimp merchandise go to gimp.org, where we currently don't cater for them. They don't go to sourcewear.org, so they don't sell many t-shirts, and we don't get much money from the arrangement.

If we add a link to wgo, we are providing a service to people who want to buy wilber stuff and don't know where to go, they get more referrals, more sales, and we get a bigger slice of a bigger cake to spend on things that we want - for example, paying for the publishing of the GIMP manual (why not?) and a GIMP conference (when someone around here decides they want to put the time into arranging one).


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