> Hello,
> I had almost the same questions some days ago,
> concerning my new Intuos3.
> Sadly, I got no answer at all... maybe my english is
> really bad, what I'm sorry about ;)

I got my Intuos3 working perfectly, though at first it was only seen as a
mouse. The problem is, it can come from a lot of different things, and I
don't know what you already did or not.
My problem was basically not having replaced enough kernel drivers with
the linuxwacom ones.

So, some questions that could help both of you :
- what does your system messages say when you plug the tablet in?
- what kernel drivers did you replace? none, wacom.ko, more?
- do you have any other usb input device (the linuxwacom HOWTO only talk
about USB mice, but I finally understood my USB dance mat was a problem

Basically, keep in mind this has nothing to do with the GIMP as you have
not made it to this step yet.

Everything is in the linuxwacom HOWTO, but I admit it tool me several
tries until I got it to work.

Karine Delvare

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