> I had almost the same questions some days ago,
> concerning my new Intuos3.
> Sadly, I got no answer at all... maybe my english is
> really bad, what I'm sorry about ;)
> Anyway, if you find anything interesting, please tell
> me.

You should give a look at

It shows you, very simply, how the three tools provided by the Wacom
tablet (cursor, stylus, and eraser), can be configured in different
ways. Thus you paint with the stylus, and by returning it you erase what
you did. You can choose what Gimp tool is attached to a Wacom tool, and
change it simply by clicking in the toolbox with the proper Wacom tool.

Several Gimp tools have options for sensibility to pressure or tilt. You
can configure this too. Painting with the brush or calligraphing with
the inkpen becomes very natural.

This not enough, however, and the page by Carol Spears describes only a
part of the possibilities. Personally, I would very much like to get
explanations about the following points:

- the meaning and use of the Axis and Keys in the configuration window:
  there are a lot of possibilities, but how to use them? In the current
  status of the user manual, this is not described at all.

- how to use, if possible, the additional features of the Intuos series:
  express keys and touch strip.


                        Olivier Lecarme

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