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Erica wrote:

I am currently looking for extra gradients, brushes,
and patterns for the GIMP. I have a project and I
don't think the provided tools are sufficient.  Does
anyone know some sites that provide the tools I
mentioned above for download? Thnx in advance.

You can fine really nice brushes and patterns there:

and also at the graphics Muse stuff:

Best regards,


Thanks! I'm quite sure I can finish this project with
superb graphics. Have you got anymore?

i spent a few days gathering urls for resources, it is not finished and
there is not as many actual resources there as are in the other urls:

there are also instructions there about how to make your own gradients
(borrowed gradients never worked well for me).  making your own brushes
is outlined on the gimp web site in three tutorials.
has a tutorial about how to make seamless patterns the old fashioned
way. if i remember correctly, adrian put a
few hundred gradients there.

search engines will help.


Hello Carol,

Tigert has some palettes (it seems the 2 visibone are already in gimp, but I do not see the others)

Although they are more scientific-oriented than artistic, the scientific gradients are interesting (there is also a script on that web site):

Just my .02 links cents.

Best regards,


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