On Fri, 2005-05-27 at 16:00 +0000, John R. Culleton wrote:
> A long while back I had a selection of fonts available for Gimp.
> I had instructions for installing  the fonts and making them
> work. I recall there was a directory in X11 somewhere that was
> involved. When you used the text function a list appeared from
> which you could select a typeface and size. Now all that seems to have gone. 

In gimp 2.2, if you don't necessarily want the fonts installed on the
whole system (i.e. the fonts will only work in gimp), then you could
just put the fonts in a directory (ex. /home/gezim/fonts/) then start
gimp and go to "File>Preferences" (in the main window) then on the left
hand side, click the arrow beside "Folders" (this will expand the
"Folders"). Finally, click on "Fonts". Now on the right half of the
window, click the plus sign, then in the text field enter the location
of the font's folder or click "..." to browse manually. The font
directory should be listed below the text field, and without a checkmark
under "writable". Now you can click "OK" and then restart GIMP. As for
choosing fonts, make sure the "tool options windows" is open, however,
if not, go to "File>Dialogs>Tool Options".


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